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Injury Risk Assessment
Do you suffer from persistent joint aches and pains? Stiff and sore following exercise? Interested in maximising athletic performance by improving joint health?

During this 30-45 minute appointment, a Restart Exercise Physiologist will evaluate the mobility and subsequent joint health of the three major joints of your body:

– the ankles,

– the hips, and

– the thoracic spine.

Optimal mobility and joint range of motion throughout these joints is essential to a functional, pain free musculoskeletal system.

If you suffer with knee pain, lower back pain, or shoulder and neck pain, then this assessment is for you. Take a step towards injury prevention and improved exercise compliance today!
Register to receive this appointment for the discounted price of $25, a saving of $60.





After having an Injury Risk Assessment with Luke from Restart, I found the results were not surprising after having a few injuries over the years. What I was surprised with was how some very simple exercises targeting the concerned areas can make such a difference. I have had two follow up appointments with Luke and have found him to be very professional and friendly, understanding any concerns I might have had.
I have had a great deal of improvement with mobility and pain has all but disappeared from trouble areas. I would recommend having an Injury Risk Assessment with Luke for anyone of any age.